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25 Funny Animal Memes

Previous The London Subway Adverts Replaced With CATS You… Owl Inspired Craft Around The World That is… Seals Love To Be Their Laziest Best on… This Kiwi Thinks She Spends The Day Absolutely… Which Husky You Got – Here Are 20+… There’s Nature of Things, The Photographers Who Capture… Danish Dog Befriends This Owl And […]

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Awesome Ways To Save Money

medianet_width = “600”; medianet_height = “120”; medianet_crid = “863634678”; medianet_versionId = “111299”; (function() { var isSSL = ‘https:’ == document.location.protocol; var mnSrc = (isSSL ? ‘https:’ : ‘http:’) + ‘//’ + (isSSL ? ‘&https=1’ : ”); document.write(”); })(); We’re all looking for new ideas on how to save money and keep a few extra greenbacks […]

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The Worlds First Trillionaire

After $100 Billion In 1999, Bill Gates Was Set To Become World’s First Trillionaire In 2004 — What Went Wrong? February 23, 2017 Image: flickr Short Bytes: Back in 1999, when Bill Gates hit his all-time high worth of $100 billion, financial and media groups called him the world’s first trillionaire. If their predictions were […]

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To Eat or Not to Eat

Today’s New York Times has a nice video showing how stimulating a small set of neurons in the amygdala can turn off a rat’s motivation to eat. The stimulation relies on a newly discovered technology called ‘optogenetics’. article: Nature Neuroscience:     jQuery.ajax({url: “”, data: {top_ten_id: 6330, top_ten_blog_id: 1, activate_counter: 11, top10_rnd: […]

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